Christine Cook is a New Zealand based artist whose creative practice investigates the role and value of traditional craft practices within contemporary jewellery making.  Driven by an ongoing interest in the marginalization and devaluation of domestic arts and the history of body adornment, Christine uses traditional craft methods to explore ideas around value, gender and domesticity. Unearthing the value and power hidden within mundane & hobbyist materials, she eliminates any precious ideas about jewellery as status object. Texture is pivotal in Christine’s work, acknowledging that touch is as valued as sight, and exploring how meaning and memories are created from

our tactile experiences. Work is informed by an ongoing enquiry into the significant value of the physical art experience within the modern art gallery context and the white cube theory.


Originally studying Textile design, Christine worked in various roles within the textile industry before completing

a Bachelors Degree in Applied Arts Visual at Northtec in 2006. Following graduation she worked as a graphic artist, mainly in the digital realm, and in pursuit of a more tactile art making practice began jewellery making in recent years.